Posters, Glitch Art, and Blaseball Graphic Design 2021

Here’s a selection of some of the graphic design and poster pieces I’ve created up to 2021 for various projects and events. I’ve also included some databending and glitch art.

Aside from the Fistymuffs poster, these were produced on commission for local gigs and shows fairly short notice. Pre-pandemic I was very involved with the local riot-grrl punk scene, and post-lockdown I will be again.

Another Blaseball poster. Through a limited palette and heavy indexing disparate photographic elements can be blended together to make something jarring and eyecatching against Discord’s grey (or white!) background.
Agitate Educate Operate poster. I modeled this myself, and used a dot-toning technique and gradient mapping for the characteristic red-and-blue colour in these works.

Made using databending techniques and gratuitous image editing, these pieces were mostly fire-and-forget experiments.

Boat: a piece I produced in 2018 as part of a Volleyball tournament with some friends. When viewed up close a startling collage reveals itself.
Houston Spies Logo

Messy and deliberately at-odds with the artstyle of every other team, I made this logo during Blaseball’s season 2 for what was then one of the smallest teams. It’s used on the trading cards sold by Blaseball Cares, and is public domain.