This page is dedicated to all my friends & co-conspirators who’ve supported me. If you like my work, I’m sure you’ll like theirs, too.


Walter Greenleef.

Walter and I have been working together since like 2010. He’s got such developed deadpan that half of the time I have no idea if he’s being serious or not and his collage work is breathtaking. He’s also the current Guardian of Christmas. You can find his work at


Will Maybury

Will is the majestic bear. We’ve been close friends ever since I made a student congress poster for him back in high school or something. Great writer and digital artist with an appreciation for a lot of weird old music I’ve never heard of. You can hear his work on


Zach Hall

Zach has encouraged my growth as an artist perhaps more than anyone else. Between organising the Rejectware daily life drawing group and generally giving sound critique, he’s a genuine force for good in the world. He’s also completely mental, and has somehow updated his comic, All Night Laundry, every day since May 2013, which is terrifying.